Dirty Will I Ever Be Clean?

Well tonight my friend was telling me about her sexual experiences with men recently and how in college she slept around a bit.. Then she asked me if I was a virgin.. Without hesitation I told her no.. then she asked me who I lost my virginity to.. I paused and felt great shame, guilt, and dirty-ness rush over me.. And then she asked me if it was private and I said yes it was and she didn’t press further. 
I still feel dirty. I feel like I can never be clean and “new” again. I have had evil done to me that I couldn’t stop and because of it I will not be a virgin on my wedding night. I can never give my husband that gift. It was stolen from me and there is no way to get it back. 
I have been told several times from several different people that I need to grieve the loss of innocence.. But honestly I don’t really know how and I am scared to because I know it will hurt. But God didn’t put us on this earth just to run through the pastures.
If you have been abused and need to grieve.. Lean on Christ. Run to His arms. And.. Cry and pray. 


3 thoughts on “Dirty Will I Ever Be Clean?

  1. It is hard to grieve. It is painful. It hurts. But it is necessary to clean out the garbage and make way for the better, new and clean you. You provide a great reminder that Christ paid the price for all sin so we don’t need to feel the guilt or shame or regret. I pray those things become less of a burden for you. Thank you for sharing.

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