When the Abused had to care for the Abuser

Let me clear something up before I get started, my brother has abused me way more than my parents have but I am writing about my mom in this post.

When my mother found out about the sexual abuse that my brother committed against me, all efforts of the family revolved around making sure my mother was ok. Granted, they did try and push me to go to counseling but I wasn’t ready.

My mother decided that instead of going to counseling herself she was going to one up that and go into get a Biblical Counseling Certificate and focus on Sexual Abuse. How ironic, someone who didn’t even feel the need for herself to go to counseling and process through what happened under her roof thinks that she can help others cope with their abuse and heal from the trauma of it.

Hurt people, hurt people. My mother has been hurting me emotionally by being so distant with me for the last 5 years. I have had to in a sense help my abuser feel better about everything that happened.

Only by God’s grace can I ever move past this and not blame myself that I brought this aweful reality to my family. God has begun to do the amazing healing work in me as of recent, but I know there is still much more to go.

May friends, if any of you are finding yourself where you are the abused having to care for the abuser, just remember, when you surrender your healing to God you will be so amazed at how God starts to work wishing you and heal you from the inside out. ❤️


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