What “Maybe” Will Be…

Hello Friends,

I write this post because a couple of weeks ago, I and my ex boyfriend decided that we were going to try and do this “friend to maybe dating” thing again but differently than before.

So basically we are going to really get to know each other before we start dating, unlike the previous times.

I’m a little bit nervous because my fear and shame and guilt about my past kick in overdrive when I know someone likes me and is being intentional about pursuing a friendship to maybe lead to something more.

I pray that God will break down my walls of doubt and insecurity that grip me and tear me to shreds.

I know that he and I could be something amazing together… if I will allow God to take over my fears and surrender then at the Cross! 

I know God’s not finished me… or him yet! ❤️

God Bless!! 



First Time in Ages

Hello Everyone,

I am writing on here for the first time in ages (well approximately a year and a half)

I have taken a long hiatus and in that time so much has happened: Quit my job, started a new one, had a boyfriend, broke up, got in a Masters in Mental Health Program, moved many times, was promoted, moved many more times, started school, was promoted again, moved many more times, was promoted again, moved, was promoted again, fights with family, several guys broke my heart, ex trying to get back together, transferring to another school, many many counseling appointments.

Woah, it’s been quite a year!

What I have learned in all this time is that: I cannot try and live to impress and gain approval from people, I must live the way God wants me too, no matter who does not approve.

It has/ is not an easy lesson to learn. I am definitely not perfect at it, but I am definitely trying to remember that I have the only approval I need!

Healing from the past has not been easy, but with God’s help I am learning to trust Him for the strength I need to heal!

I am glad to be back on here.

God Bless!